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Some interesting and informantive sites about Molluscs, Gastropods, Conchology and Malacology:

University of Michigan Museum of Zoology - This extensive site (The Gastropod Page address is here) gives much useful introductory information on many Kingdoms, not just Molluscs. Excellent factual content.

University of Ottawa BIODIDAC - An on-line resource for biology instruction, also in French. Gastropod resources are here

Ring of Sea Shell Lovers - A WebRING group of personal and shell club web sites for amateur conchologists.

The Official Pacific Northwest Slug Page - A site dedicated to slugs, mainly species from the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada. Some photos.

Flying Fish Express - A commercial site selling various live marine animals for aquariums, etc. Includes some information on each of the wide range of species sold.

Marine Biological Laboratory - An excellent online database for about 210 species of fish & invertebrates at MBL. Species with photos.

City Seahorse - Deb Fugitt's site showing some of her great marine photography, as well as links, tours, and web work.

Sea & See - A commercial site about marine photography, with many fine Nudibranch photos by Carl Roeseller.

Cyber Sea - A commercial site offering underwater stock photography. - Website of a southern California commercial Dive Boat Charter company, with some great shots of underwater fauna.

Carlos' Diving Page - Some nice underwater Nudibranch photos, Carlos!

Reef Science International - A commercial site selling marine fauna for aquariums, etc., with some good pictures of each species.

Conchology - Belgium. Guido T. Poppe's excellent site, listing over 5000 species and 4000 images. Broad, well put together, authoritative, and with a great set of links to other conchology sites. One of the very best conchology sites on the Web I've come across.

Stones & Bones - USA. A commecial site offering many mineral and fossil specimens for sale, with pictures and descriptions.

Molluscan Pictures - Malaysia. Can Sow-Yan's impressive site about Molluscs. Around 200 species with over 200 photos, and a description of each. Specializing in southeast Asian molluscs, this site is one of the Best on the Web for mollusc conchology. Extensive, informative.

Jeff's Nudibranch and Coral Reef Gallery - Jeff Jeffords' site showing some wonderful photos he's taken of Phillipine Nudibranchs, as well as descriptive information on each and on Nudibranchs as a whole. Great photography!

BC Creatures Page - Canada. Kerry L. Werry's amazing site listing various marine creatures (with more than just molluscs) found in British Columbia. With photos and descriptions.


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