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mountain zebra head hyracotherium forelimb hyracotherium african ass horse mesohippus forelimb quagga asiatic ass horse equus forelimb merychippus


Historical Views:

Evolution of Evolutionary Thought:
Marsh's Contributions
Huxley's Linear Descent
Simpson's Family Tree
Current Theories

Equidae Through the Ages:

The Cenozoic Era:
The Paleocene   --    Paleocene Equidae
The Eocene    --    Eocene Equidae
The Oligocene    --    Oligocene Equidae
The Miocene    --    Miocene Equidae
The Pliocene    --    Pliocene Equidae
The Pleistocene    --    Pleiostocene Equidae
The Holocene    --    Holocene Equidae

Extant Equids:

Extant members of Equus:
Burchelli's Zebra
Grevy's Zebra
Mountain Zebra
African Wild Ass
Asiatic Wild Ass
Przewalski's Horse
Domestic Horse



Created April 2005