Views on The Evolution of Man

Much discussion between scientists who study fossil bones (Paleoanthropologists) and scientists who study the genetics of organisms (molecular biologists) has centred on a new theory relating to the beginnings and evolution of hominids. (from Earth Magazine)

Molecular biologists claim that modern humans evolved from Eve's family, who lived in Africa over 100 000 years ago. They believe Eve's genes are carried by all living humans. Fossil evidence, the traditional view, is challenged by this new hypothesis. Paleoanthropologists, who believe humans evolved in different parts of the world at a gradual rate, dispute the theory that the molecular biologists propose. (from Earth Magazine)

(source of picture: Earth Magazine)

This map (above) illustrates the "out of Africa" view, the red arrows show how our ancestors, Homo erectus, went out of Africa about 1 million years ago. The blue arrows show how modern humans (homo sapiens) left Africa about 100 000 to 200 000 years ago (from Earth Magazine).

(source of picture: Earth Magazine)

The above map illustrates what paleoanthropologists believe. They hypothesize that populations of Homo erectus (orange arrows) went out of Africa and established different populations (yellow dots) that evolved independently towards Homo sapiens (from Earth Magazine).

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