Appeal to Ignorance – whatever has not been proven must be true, and vice-versa.
Common example: "You cannot prove that pyramid power doesn’t exist, therefore it must."
Evolution/creationism: Creationists might say, "you cannot prove that God didn’t create life, therefore He did."

Argument by Design or Misinterpretation of Complexity– this is the anthropomophosing of complex systems. Since humans create much that is around us (furniture, houses, automobiles, etc.) then it is claimed that other intelligent organising forces created everything else. A basic introduction to complexity theory (chaos theory) will show us that some kind of order underlies any chaotic system. The weather is a chaotic system because every input (sunlight, wind direction, ocean currents, etc.) affects each other so it is impossible to predict what the weather will be in Ottawa three years from next Tuesday. We can however predict certain trends, such as it will be cold next January 16th, and it will probably be raining in Vancouver.
Common example: "We can send a man to the Moon, but we cannot cure the common cold. Where are our priorities?" The common cold is caused by some 50 different rhinoviruses that are constantly mutating and forming new species (yet another argument for evolution). Therefore our immune system cannot always catch up to that rate of change.
Evolution/creationism: "Look at all the complexity of the universe and the beauty of life. You can’t tell me someone didn’t create that."

Argument from Authority – this is the belief that if an eminent person makes a claim, then the claim must be true because that person is eminent. .
Common example: If a famous scientist proposes a hypothesis that the Moon is made a blue cheese, that fact that the person making the claim is a famous scientist has no bearing on the validity of the claim.
Evolution/creationism: The Vatican, under Pope John Paul II accepted the concept of evolution "based on the mountains of evidence that exist." Some people would say that because a religious leadership pronounces evolution to be true, then religious people should accept it. This is a fallacy because this is not proof that evolution exists, so it cannot be used as an argument.