Day Two, Februrary 23, 1997, Bridgetown, Barbados

We got introduced to the operations of the ship. 8:00 a.m. every morning we have colours, which is flag break, the watches are organized on the aft deck, Green Watch starboard, White watch astern, Red watch port. 

The weather was beautiful, temperature was 31oC, but there was such a cool breeze that it felt only about 20oC. Our first stop was to the north end of Barbados to Gay's Cove. There, we were forced on a militant march through dense tropical jungle, where most people became infected by large plants conatining hydrochloric acid, which caused blisters to form on our legs and arms.

At sea level, we examined a cross section of rock on the hill we just clambered down. This cliffwas rock made entirely of cocoliths, and were overlain by steeply dippping pleistocene reef beds, as shown in the photograph by the grey rocks overlying the white rocks.

We also examined fossilized reefs in the exposed rocks. Through the balance of the day day we examined the change in organisms, as well as type of rocks formed. We went to River Bay where we could examine the changes from the Reefcrest to the Backreef.

We returned to the ship after a moderate first day. Everyone who had never been to the caribbean before or down south, were amazed with the clarity and color of the ocean. We sat in awe for minutes just soaking up the environment at Gay's Cove.

Once again we headed out for some relaxation, but this time we did not last as long.  There were chores to be done tomorrow, so we headed in for the night.