Day Fifteen, March 7, 1997: Antigua 
...and then...back to normal

8:00 a.m. came way too early, the Captain came down to ensure that we were all awake. We had colors for the last time on Fair Jeanne, where we raised the Canadian flag. Then it was entire ship's clean-up. We cleaned the ship from top to bottom, packed our gear, and by then it was time to head off. We got group photos taken just before hopping into the taxis. At the airport, we reorganized luggage so that the equipment was distributed once again. We had some time before our flight and were able to purchase some duty free items (Rum and T-shirts mainly). We all stopped into the restaurant (another Big Banana Holding Company), grabbed some food before our flight and took some time to relax and recant the events of our trip.

The entire group was scheduled to fly Antigua to Toronto, from there we split up and went our separate ways. Some returning promptly to school, while others took a little extra vacation to visit relatives or attend conferences.

I hope you enjoyed reading some insides into our trip. It was the people of the islands which made the field trip fun. Many of those who participated in this field trip are thinking of returning to complete further research which they had begun and displayed in the adjoining pages.