Morphology of Stomatolites: Laminations
    • the essential characteristic of a stromatolite is the lamination 
    • laminae are the result the periodic or episodic nature of the accretion process 
    • in recent stromatolites, the layers can be distinguished by alternating layers of organic material and sediment 
    • in the geologic record some stromatolites were infiltrated with a mineral-rich solution which fossilized the bacteria along with the layers, but more often only the layers are preserved
    • generally, stromatolites can be seen as succession of laminae that is usually defined by textural differences 
    • the morphological form of stromatolites occur when algal film is restricted and in turn produce fixed structure of successive laminae with defined relief and boundaries 
    • these structures are characterized by laminations in a concentric form, and the later growth inherits the form of the early of laminae.