Ancient Bison (Bison antiquus)


Status: extinct

The Ancient bison is a direct ancestor to the North American bison (often called the buffalo). The Ancient bison was taller than the buffalo. It is the most commonly recovered herbivore from the La Brea tar pits.

The Ancient bison remains recovered from La Brea give direct evidence that many of the animals that were trapped at La Brea were migratory. From examination of the young bison remains, the ages can be determined by the ratio of baby teeth to permanent teeth as well as the overall wear on the teeth. The Ancient bison recovered at La Brea cluster at either: 2-4 months old, 14-16 months old or 26 to 28 months old. No bison remains have been recovered for the intermediate ages of 5-13 months old or 17 to 25 months old.