(Tucciarone & Poling, 1996)

Microceratops -described by Bohlin, 1953 (Dodson, 1996). Microceratops gobiensis was collected in Gansu, Inner Mongolia (China). Another species, also named by Bohlin is M. sulcidens, from a separate locality. In 1971 another specimen of M. gobiensis was collected. Unfortunately this specimen is quite fragmentary, but the partial skeleton provides enough information for preliminary classification. The skull is about 20cm long. The frill is well developed, but short, with prominent parietal fenestrae. The leg structure of Microceratops shows stretching out of the lower segments of the leg compared to the femur, suggesting that it was capable of running swiftly. It has been hypothesized that during swift locomotion it maintained a bipedal stance, and while at rest or during slow movement, it was quadrupedal (Dodson, 1996).