Chlorphyta - Green Algae


Unicellular, colonial or multicellular PLANTAE, which are simple or form complex leaf or bush-like structures. Cell wall is composed mainly of cellulose, and often is encrusted with calcium carbonate. The size of Bermuda's species range from microscopic to 50 cm, the colour from all shades of green to blackish, yellow or almost white. Though some are a soft, spongy or jelly-like consistency, others are papery, leathery or calcareous.

Of the three classes, two (Charphyceae and Prasinophyceae) are not represented in Bermuda. The third, Chlorophyceae, presently comprises 15 orders. Of some 800 marine species, about 100 have been reported from Bermuda; 11 species are included in this account.