Fossil association - A group of fossil assemblages named after the dominant species in the assemblage

Glaciolacustrine  - Pertaining to a lake adjacent to a glacier

Isostatic rebound - The rise of the continental crust to conditions of isostatic equilibrium after a weight, such as that of a glacier, has been removed from it.

Lacustrine - Pertaining to a lake

Pollen analysis - The study of fossil pollen and spore assemblages in sediments especially when constructing the vegetational history of an area.  Careful interpretation enables examination of climatic change and human influence on vegetation, as well as sediment dating.

Proglacial - Applied to the area between a glacier and adjacent high ground.  A proglacial lake is a body of water impounded in such an area.

Stenohaline - Unable to tolerate a wide range of salinities.

Thermophilic - Thrives in environments where the temperature is high