The hands of Velociraptor had elongate fingers that ended in hooked talons, useful for grasping, clutching and slicing prey. The digits of the animal were capable of great extension and were quite flexible.
Figure 9: The range of motion possible for the second digit of Velociraptor.

The hind legs were powerful and the muscles well designed to work together to produce a strong kicking motion. Velociraptor had a large pelvis and had lots of space for the attachment of large hip muscles. On the hind feet are four toes but the first digit is small and likely never touched the ground. The second toe is the animal's deadly weapon, having a large sickle shaped claw. This claw was capable of a large arc of motion.

Figure 10: A diagram depicting the positioning of the second digit while the animal was in motion.

During walking and running, the claw was retracted upward to prevent it from wearing down due to contact with the ground. The claw was sharp enough to slash into a helpless herbivore, perhaps disembowelling the animal.