Little is known on the feeding habits of the stegosaurs. They had a sharp beak like snout at the end of their mouths ideal for cropping or stripping foliage. However, they had small teeth and weak jaws which leaves us to wonder what happened to its food after it was in its mouth? It is thought that gastroliths (rocks in the stomach) aided the stegosaurs in digesting their food but no gastroliths have been found with the skeletons. It is thought that some adoption to the cheeks of the stegosaurs may have enabled them to better chew their food.

There is little known on the behavior of the stegosaurs, there are no trace fossil that have been found such as foot prints, nests or eggs or any other evidence on how they lived. There is however sexual dimorphism present in the samples that have been collected, it seems one sex had more ribs than the other, which sex it is , is unknown.

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