How big and how long before the NEXT BIG ONE?

To interpret ythe data effectively scientists must correlate all data from all sources. Reading the stratagraphic record, gathering mirofossil data and age dating organic samples one can find the magnitude of past tectonic activity and find the frequency of which they occur.

For the Pacific northwest region the probability that a large scale quake of a magnitude higher than 8.0 is very possible within the next 200 years. This time frame comes from the interpreted data that shows that large scale earthquakes happen in this area have a frequency of between 300 to 900 years. And since the last large quake was recorded about 300 years ago it implies that right now we are now moving into that critical time range of which they will occur.

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Potential Risk

Cascadia Subduction Zone

How stratigraphy is used.

How microfossils are used.

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