The Greek name Diplodocus literally means "double-beam". Diplodocus is so named because of the double ridged sructure of its vertebrae. These herbivorous quadrupeds are thought to have roamed the Jurassic jungles of North America from about 208-145 M.Y.A. They grew to a height of more than 7m, a length greater than 25m, and reached a weight more than 20 tonnes. Surprisingly their heads were usually less than 2 feet long and housed quite a small brain. Their long necks consisted of 15 bones while their tails consisted of 70-90 vertebrae and were typically carried above the ground.
Diplodocus largely fed on the tall coniferous trees of North America. They had blunt peg-like teeth at the front of their mouths which were not designed for chewing, so instead, vegetation was pulled and swallowed whole. Once in the stomach, the food was digested with the help of gastroliths. (Image courtesy of sphere.ad).