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Pteranodon (To hear pronunciation choose: Mac/Win) is a large pterosaur having a wing span well in excess of six meters. The head is huge and is adorned with a large crest. The crest is variable in size and in shape and its function is uncertain. The jaws are toothless, but fossilized stomach contents reveal a diet comprised of fish.

Fossilized remains of Pteranodon have been found in large concentrations in specific localities suggesting a colonial way of life. These areas have been geological correlated to be ancient marine shores. However Pteranodon remains have also been found in marine sediments that are known to be located hundreds of kilometers from shore. This could suggest: after death transportation, but it is much more likely that Pteranodon had a large territory and was able to fly great distances in search of food.

Remains have been found primarily in Kansas and in Europe.



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