Links and Such.

Introduction to the Pterosauria - Museum of Paleontology of the University of California at Berkeley.

Christopher Bennett - Pterosaur specialist.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History - Discussion and archive site.

American Museum of Natural History - Exhibits on Pterosaurs.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum - Excellent dinosaur site with information on Quetzalcoatlus.

T. Mike Keesey - (Amazing Art Work!)

This project was assembled for Evolutionary Paleoecology 67.236 at Carleton University during the winter semester 1998. Assembled exclusively on a Motorola StarMax 3000/200 (Macintosh Clone). The following tools were used:

1) BBEdit Lite
2) ClarisWorks 4.0
3) GraphicConverter 2.7
4) Adobe PhotoShop 4.0
5) Macromedia Freehand 8.0
6) MoviePlayer
7) Claris HomePage 3.0
8) Macromedia SoundEdit 16 v2.
9) Netscape Navigator 3.0
10) ImageMapper 3.0
11) Myrimadon
12) SoundApp

With the help of Dr. Timothy Patterson, and Dr. Claudia Schröder-Adams.

Thanks to Julie Peressini, Andrew Webb, Nestor Querido, Jean-Robert Derome, Ken, Louise and Kathryn Lyons.

Big thanks to the Canadian Museum of Nature's library and librarians. (Incredible resources!)



© Patrick Lyons 1998.