Neanderthals have a lower forhead and a wide, voluminous braincase. They have a protruding occipital bun. Their midface is more prognathic than that of the Cro-Magnon and they have no chin.

They have a very prominent supraorbital torus (brow ridge) and high, rounded orbits. Their noses encompassed most of the midface.

Cro-Magnons have a higher forehead and a more narrow, voluminous braincase. The occipital is longer and curved. The cheek bones are more angled than the Neanderthal's and Cro-Magnons had chins.

The supraorbital torus of the Cro-Magnon is either small or nonexistent and the orbits are more square-shaped. The nose is distinguished but doesn't consume the entire midface.

Clockwise from top left: Figure 22: Neanderthal skull sketch

Figure 23: Cro-Magnon skull sketch

Figure 24: H.sapiens cast

Figure 25: Neanderthal cast

Morphological Comparisons