Test Morphology: Trocospiral

The first illustration on the left shows a biconvex trocospiral test shape belonging to Hoeglundina elegans. Note the intricate ornamentations on the chamber test surfaces. To its right is Cibicides lobatulus displaying an umbilicoconvex trocospiral morphology. The rendering on the bottom left is of the lenticular Cassidulina teretis. The final frame hosts the spiroconvex trocospiral Rosalina williamsoni. (renderings based on: Lipps, J.H. Fossil Prokaryotes and Protists). These last few pages were some of the more common test morphologies seen in foraminifera. They are by no means definitive groupings, but rather each tends to blend into the next. As well they fail to cover the entire spectrum of Foraminiferan test shapes. The next pages is dedicated to morphologies that don't quite fit into the simple divisions defined earlier.