Many creationists consider themselves "creation scientists" as they research the origin of life, the universe, and everything, from a religious point of view. To conduct science from a certain point of view is not possible as science attempts to gain reliable information and in order to do this cannot have any biases or agendas. Creation scientists aim to prove their ideas by selecting certain pieces of evidence that help their cause, and ignoring those that do not. The evidence that they usually cite is often misinterpreted or greatly misunderstood. Because they skip certain steps of the scientific method, creation "science" must be considered a pseudoscience.

  This was a poster put forth by Jerry Falwell (right). Asking leading questions is a type of logical fallacy, such as "Have you stopped beating your wife?", and so is the fallacy of exaggeration. In the next few sections you will learn a number of other logical fallacies. See if you can pick out "Strawman", "Non Sequitur", "False Dichotomy", or any others from the questions on this poster:

  • Do you agree with the "theories" of evolution that DENY the Biblical account of creation?
  • Do you agree that public school teachers should be permitted to teach our children as fact that they descended from apes?
  • Do you agree with the evolutionists who are attempting to PREVENT the Biblical account of creation from also being taught in public schools?