For our purposes, we will use examples of creationism from Judeo-Christian fundamentalism, as this is what the authors encounter the most but it should be stressed that fundamentalism and creationist ideas are not confined to these faiths. As mentioned previously, creationists accept a "revealed truth", which means information that is literally interpreted from documents deemed to be sacred. As the literal interpretation of the present translation of the Book of Genesis claims, the universe was created, with all the species of life, in six days by an all-powerful supernatural being.

  It is claimed that this supernatural being, or God, has deliberately created the entire universe, which includes complex machinery (i.e. life). It is based on accounts from the Bible. Creationists believe that all life was created during the same week by God and that life has not changed over time. There are several different factions amongst creationists which interpret the Bible differently. The young-earth creationists hold a very literal point of view. They believe that the earth was created in six 24 hour days and that the earth is about 6000 years old, based on geneological timelines outlined in the disparate books of the Bible. Old earth creationists accept the age of the earth given by geologists but reject the theory of evolution. There are even those who accept microevolution, but not macroevolution.