Homo Sapiens

Here is a modern Homo sapiens skull.
Specimens referred to as sapiens have been dated back to  before 400  000 years ago.  However, Javan specimens referred to as erectus have been dated back to 270 000 to 530 000 years.  In light of this evidence it has been concluded that multiple species of hominids have existed contemporaneously.

 The process of hominid evolution has been termed as :"mosaic evolution".  This means that different features have evolved at different rates.  From afarensis to africanus to erectus features such as teeth, face, pelvis, hands, and feet have evolved progressively .  Brain size has also increased throughout hominid evolution.  This mosaic evolution has manifested itself in the 'fuzziness' of the taxonomic distinctions made between the different forms.  One thing is for certain- modern humans come form an ape-like ancestor.