Small Conch

Dimensions: Length 9.5 cm; Width 6.4 cm; Height 4.6 cm

Actual Outer Lip Thickness 0.2 cm; Encrusted Outer Lip Thickness 1.1 cm

This small specimen was found in the lagoon, about 1/2 was buried. The 1/2 which was encrusted was exposed to the seawater. This specimen appears to have an extremely thick outer lip. Upon examination we can see that the outer lip is actual only 0.2 cm thick, the other thickness is encrusted material upon the lip. The entire outer surface is extensively mottled by borers and by chemical erosion. The whorls are underdeveloped, and partially eroded. There is a hole which appears to be the erosion of a shoulder of the whorl. There does not appear to be any other encrusters other than what is contained on the outer lip.