Moderate Queen Conch

Dimensions: Length 20 cm; Width 16.8 cm; Height 11.4 cm

Outer Lip Thickness: range 0.2 cm: 0.3 cm: 0.4 cm

This conch was found on the shore, buried completely in sand and trapped by tree roots except for one or two shoulders of the whorl which was how it was found. There was little to no damage on this conch, all the nodes on the whorls are in excellent condition, with some slight deformation. This conch has a hole which is located between the 2nd and 3rd largest whorls. The inside of the

shell is a dull flat pink, which would suggest that the shell has been buried for some time. There are a few encrusters, but no borers or foraminifera have had a chance to attach themselves. This suggests that the conch spent some time in the water before its burial upon the beach shore. It is by far the cleanest conch of the collection.