Immature Queen Conch B

Dimensions: Length 12.4 cm; Width 9.2 cm; Height 7 cm

Outer Lip Thickness: 0.26 cm

This specimen was found in the patch reef, about 1/3 was buried in the sediment. This conch has some red foraminifera (Homatrema rubrum) and an abundance of encrusted material, which are mainly serpulid worms, attached both inside and on the outside surface. There is an abundance of micro drill holes, caused primarily by borers. There is extensive damage to the whorls.

Some of the shoulders are partially eroded, while other are quite damaged, nearly eroded to their base, possibly by chemical erosion. There are two holes in this specimen, one located between the 2nd and 3rd largest whorl, the other hole is located within the body of the shell (below the largest whorl).