Immature Queen Conch A

Dimensions: Length 15.2 cm; Width 10.8 cm; Height 8.3 cm

Outer Lip Thickness: 0.3 cm

This specimen was found in the lagoon, it was only partially buried. The overall shape and color of this conch, and the number of whorls in the conical spire show that this is an immature queen conch. There are both red foraminifera (Homatrema rubrum) and encrusting organisms (serpulid worms), which cover both the inside and the outside of this specimen. The shoulders of

the whorls have been highly eroded and blunted. There are micro drill holes covering the entire specimen, probably due to borers. This conch has a hole through its shell, located between the 2nd and 3rd largest whorls on the top of the shell.