Broken Queen Conch

Dimensions: Conical Spire Length 9 cm; Width 11 cm; Height 9.5 cm

Backside of Shell Length 10 cm; Width 10.2 cm; Average Thickness (range) 4 cm: 7 cm: 11 cm

These two pieces are assumed to be of the same conch, as they were found directly on top of each other. These specimens were found in the backreef. The pieces are well intact, but have been broken apart from the main body. The conical spiral has been cleft such that we have an excellent view of the insides of the spire. The conical spire contains 8 whorls, and there is another

whorl evident, from the body piece. The conical spire is heavily encrusted with serpulid worms (the white string like encrusters), some other organisms such as gastropods have rooted themselves to the exterior of the shell. There are red spots found on the surface but not inside, these are an encrusting foraminifera called Homatrema rubrum. The outer and inner surface has extensive micro drill holes from borers. The nodes of the whorls are relatively

undamaged. The second specimen collected was the remains of the body of the shell, containing a whorl. This piece, I believe to be the backside of the shell, not the extent of the outer lip. There are serpulid worms with some algal matting attached to both the outside and inside of this piece. There is little to no damage, to this piece either. The only damage evident to both pieces, was the force which caused the breakage from the body (which was not recovered), as there are no holes or weathering to the shell fragments surfaces.