Day Seven: February 28th, 1997: Free Day in Bequia 

SHORE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

 For those of us who did not have chores to do upon the ship, (from the ship's auction), we could stay until 1:00 p.m. Anyone with chores, had to return to the ship by 11:00 a.m. 
Bequia, was a quaint little island, we anchored in Admiralty Bay, and went into town, shopping and absorbing a little culture. There were many shops were we stopped to purchase, t-shirts, post-cards, pop, souvenirs. we browsed through the market of fresh fruit and vegetables, but their prices were very expensive.  


1) The Market 2) A Walk along the Sidewalk 3) Looking into Admiralty Bay

Most of us had postcards we had gathered from all of our previous stops, and this was our first chance to mail them, as we saw our first post office which was open.  

Most of us tried to meet together at 12:00 to go for lunch. The Harpoon Saloon was were Jessica, Stacey, Clare, Craig, Martin, Matt, the two Chris's, Sean and Marianne met. We took a few minutes to order, and we were waiting quite a while. So we asked our server, if it was possible to get a rush on our meals. He said he would speak to the chef. We waited, and it was getting close to 1:00, and we saw our server leave again, and then came back to us, to tell us our chef is working expeditiously, to prepare your meals, we had a good hearty chuckle at that. Sean, part of the crew, told us not to worry, the ship will wait for us. Our meals quickly arrived soon after.  

At 11:00, Melissa and Todd had both returned to the ship to complete their chores of tarring. Those poor suckers, when we returned to the boat, they were covered in tar, and had ruined some of their clothes.  

It was about 2:00 p.m., when we set sail once again. Those who had problems before while sailing, popped gravol, just to be sure. Green watch raised the anchor, then we quickly got underway. We raised most sails, but had immense trouble with the outer jib sail. Both White watch and Red watch went to and fro, and tried everything possibly. The halliard was caught, then the downhaul would not let go properly, then the halliard got caught inner jib. All in all they spent two hours trying to get it up. When all problem had finally been solved, and they were raising it up, Ms. Watts noticed a rip in the sail, and it had to be fully taken off, and resewn immediately.  

The resewing kept the crew quite busy for most of the afternoon. The weather was beautiful as we sailed to Martinique.