The Reef Transect Project

The goal of the project is to provide a good description of the various zones that make up the coral reefs surrounding the Tobago Cays.

The transect selected is off the coast of a small island named Baradal. The transect started at the island and proceeded east toward the Atlantic.

The plan was to pick a good representative area of the reef and then do stations on the sea floor at fifty meter intervals. At each interval a one by one metre grid was laid down, samples were to be taken and the general surroundings recorded. Unfortunately due to time constraints and rough water the grid could not be used for all of the zones. Luckly the areas that were not covered by the grid have not been left out. These areas are still covered thanks to some underwater video footage. Various frames of the video footage have been digitalized and are provided. Please click on one of the topics for more information.

Zones Examined in Detail

Zones done by Underwater Video