Dr.Fricke: Seeing the Fish Undisturbed
Dr.Fricke:Seeing the Fish Undisturbed

Dr. Fricke is in the upper right corner

    A submersible in 1987 was manned by Dr. Hans Fricke, from the Max-Planck Institute and their trip to see the Coelacanth was not to capture one, but to observe their behaviour (Coad, 1998). Many other countries, including France and Japan had gone on expeditions to try to capture a Coelacanth live for their museums (Hamlin, 1999). They were unsuccessful. It upset Dr.Fricke that other scientists and organizations were damaging the Coelacanth population to make money. They did not care how many they killed in attempt to keep one alive. So far, Dr. Fricke is the only scientist to have extensively studied the Coelacanth in it's natural habitat, while it was unstressed (Hamlin, 1999).