Age: Silurian
Formation: Thornloe

Syringopora range from the Silurian through Lower Permian. They were widespread in North America. They are massive and colonial, composed of long, cylindrical but somewhat irregular corallites, usually separate but sometimes closely set. They grow upwards in approximately parallel positions, connected by small cross tubes at regular or irregular intervals. Colonies attain a height of 2 feet (61cm) or more. Syringopora is very similar to the living genus Tubipora, the organ pipe coral. Although completely unrelated They may have had a convergent evolution, where both genus' developed to fill similar niches at different periods of time.

To the upper right, a top view of insitu Syringopora and to the upper left, a side view of the same sample, to the left, another excellent sample showing the branch-like nature of the coral.

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