Age: Ordovician
Formation: Farr

Favosites was widespread all over North America, and ranged from the Upper Ordovician through the Middle Devonian. Favocites is commonly known as the "honeycomb" coral. This family of corals were the most common of the tabulate corals in the Paleozoic. Pores in the walls of the corallites served to transfer nutrients from one corallite to another. The photo shows the top of such a community. The honeycomb shape of the corallites can be easily seen.

This particular specimen is Paleofavosites found from the Upper Ordovician through the Upper Silurian. There are many such examples of Favosites in the Cobalt and surrounding areas. The colonies of this species may be massive or branched. (Colony in photo is considered "massive"). Notice the hexagonal cross sections of the corallites in this sample to the right.

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