Cobalt Paleontology

The Farr Formation and Thornloe Formation both show diverse fossil remains. These fossils are indicitive of the Silurian and Ordovician periods represented by the various formations. To your left, you see an artist's rendition of a Silurian sea floor community. In the top center, we see a sample of Pentamerus. To the right of that, we see the rugose coral streptelasmatid. To the left of center we have Bryozoans, and near the bottom right, you can see Halysites in a life position. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, Instead of just describing all the various fossil types, I am pleased to now present the various fossils of the Farr and Thornloe Formations in the form of a virtual slide show. At the bottom of this page, There are two buttons. Simmply press the button marked "Farr Slide Show" to begin the Farr Formation slide show, or the button marked "Thornloe Slide Show" to begin the Thornloe Formation Slide show. I hope you enjoy these collections, as many of the fossils seen are insitu, and all are taken directly from the formations in question.

Farr Slide Show

Thornloe Slide Show

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