Younger Dryas:Foraminiferal Studies

Cluster analysis of foraminifera from a ~12,000-9,000 radiocarbon year old piston core from Goose Island Trough, Queen Charlotte Sound, indicates that a cold interval correlative with the Younger Dryas stadial occurred during a shallow water phase.
Low salinity-near glacial conditions between ~11,000 and 10,000 years BP were recognized by abundant populations of Cassidulina reniforme and Islandiella helenae. (Also by the decrease in Epistominella vitrea)
Weighted faunal distribution graphs were generated which highlight the relative abundance of selected species ( here Cassidulina reniforme,Islandiella helenae Epistominella vitrea are shown). The presence of these species is critical to the recognition of cold depositional intervals within the core.