(Barlow, 1996)

(Walters, 1996)

(Munro, 1997)

Styracosaurus -described by Lambe, 1913 (Dodson, 1996). This is the first complete skull of a Canadian horned dinosaur (Dodson, 1996). Styracosaurus albertensis, meaning "Alberta spike lizard" has by far the largest skull of the Judith River Formation Centrosaurines. Including the spikes, its skull is 1.84m in length (Dodson, 1996). It has three pairs of long spikes that radiate out the back of the parietal, and the nasal horn core is erect and tall. It lacks postorbital horns, however, there is a depression in the position where an orbital horn core would have been expected. Its frill contains two fenestrae (Dodson, 1996).