(Krzic, 1997)

(Walters, 1996)

Pentaceratops -described by Osborn, 1923 (Dodson, 1996). Pentaceratops, the "five horned face", is an enormous animal, and possibly the largest of the Ceratopsids (Dodson, 1996). It has a distinct nasal horn core and long, curved postorbital horns (Dodson, 1996). Pentaceratops not only has the three horn cores which are the normal complement for any horned dinosaur, but it also has an extra pair formed by the epijugals at the tips of the jugals (Dodson, 1996). These are not however, true horn cores, but rather robust bony projections. Its frill is very distinctive, long and narrow with huge parietal fenestrae. The frill is also lined with prominent epoccipitals (Dodson, 1996). Typical of all Chasmosaurines, the squamosal bends upward along its length which results in an erect frill. It has a fairly short tail, and when compared with skeletons of Chasmosaurus belli, Pentaceratops has similar body proportions (Dodson, 1996).