Triceratops had a long, low snout and large postorbital horns.

Unlike other Ceratopsian genera, such as Centrosaurus, Triceratops had a short frill that lacked openings called fenestrae. The edge of its frill was lined with epoccipitals, or small conical bones, also seen in other genera.

As in all Ceratopsids, Triceratops' teeth formed a complex dental battery in which adjacent teeth were locked together in longitudinal rows and vertical columns. As the teeth along the cutting edge wore out, they were lost and replaced from below (Lucas, 1994).


(Sims, 1994)



- Note the fenestrae apparent in the Centrosaurus frill are lacking in the Triceratops frill.

(Sims, 1994)

Ceratopsian dental battery.