Breviceratops -described by the Soviet palaeontologist Kurzanov,1990 (Dodson, 1996). Breviceratops literally means "short horn-faced". Breviceratops comes from the Barun Goyot Formation, Khulsam. The best skull found is only 70mm long. Also there is a less complete skull approximately 25% smaller, and other fragmentary remains that have been found (Dodson, 1996). Unfortunately, due to lack of material and also because the individuals represented are juveniles, it is difficult to estimate how large these animals were. Breviceratops has no trace of a nose horn, its frill is very narrow, and the skull does not flare widely at the jugals as it does in other members of the Protoceratopsidae. It is assumed that they were small dinosaurs, but there is still much more to learn about Breviceratops.