(Walters, 1996)

Arrhinoceratops -described by Parks, 1925 (Dodson, 1996). Arrhinoceratops brachyops means "without a nose horn face, short face". Parks described this ceratopsid as having large supraorbital horn cores that are directed outwards and forward. He also said that it is missing a nasal horn core (Dodson, 1996). He further went on to describe its short face, large flat crest, long squamosal, and its parietal which has oval fontanelles (Dodson, 1996). Since Parks' analysis, Arrhinoceratops has been re-examined. Recently Tyson has noted that there is in fact a true nasal horn core, and an epinasal (Dodson, 1996). Unfortunately Arrhinoceratops is rare, only a single skull has ever been described. Arrhinosaurus is the last of the long-frilled Ceratopsids to be described (Dodson, 1996).