Controversy with the ancient bird:

The fourth controversy was the simple fact that the fossil was not supposed to be within the substrate, stated by creationists' theories. Out of all the other controversies this caused the greatest amount of conflict within the scientific community and with societies' religious beliefs.

In 1877, a second Archaeopteryx was found in the same Bavarian quarries. This second ancient bird helped secure the evidence of teeth. Most importantly, it helped support the existence of the bird as not a wondrous mystery or a freak of nature, but rather a fact. It helped turn the tide for the evolutionists' fight to push Darwinian theories. This ancient bird became a more important discovery than ever thought possible, by the scientist of the late 19th century; not because it brought answer, but rather questions. One important question that had to be asked; Was this a "missing link"? If so, this would mean that, if Darwinists were right, birds had evolved from a long-acting process. This led to another realization that the fossil record had to be deposited within the strata in a linear evolutionary pattern.

This means that from bottom to top the strata had to show:

the first primitive reptiles
Advanced "reptiles" (ie dinosaurs)
primitive birds with teeth
more modern birds with teeth
Totally modern, toothless birds

This has so far been proven in the fossil record. The discovery opened up new possibilities and realities to science as a whole. Today, many scientists are still putting the piece of this missing link together and are still stumbling over newer questions.