Stumbling along to discoveries:

In late 1996, a new Dinosaur fossil was found which has brought birds and dinosaurs closer together than ever thought possible. Along its neck, back, and tail, the small, 121 million year old dinosaur appears to have a mane of downy feathers, a feature until then seen only in birds. Again it was found in China, in a mudstone slab, with a dark line running down its neck and backbone. Upon close inspection, the line shows the impression of feather-like features about a half-centimetre long. But confirming whether the impressions are feathers, scales or something else may prove to be difficult. This discovery is still at its infancy and will need more study and evidence in the future. The history of the origin of birds has been rapidly unravelling within the last couple of years and will continue. So, If you want the latest in paleontological research and discovery check the resent magazines on these topics.