Abstract - Lake Sentani Arcellaceans


Dalby, A.P.; Kumar, A.; Reinhardt, E.G.; Patterson, R.T. and Moore, J.M.(*)

Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Centre, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6, Canada.

except (*) Eastern Indonesia Universities Development Project, Universitas Cenderawasih/Simon Fraser University, P.O. Box 262, Abepura 99531, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Fifteen sediment-water interface samples were collected from Lake Sentani, Irian Jaya, Indonesia, for the purpose of recording the arcellacean (thecamoebian) assemblages found therein and to determine what relationship, if any, is to be found between these assemblages and the microenvironments of the lake. This has been performed for temperate lakes in Canada and northern Italy with positive results (Asioli et al., 1996; Patterson et al. 1996; Reinhardt et al., 1997), but not yet in the tropics. We found that species abundances were too low to perform valid statistical analyses, but enough data existed for a qualitative examination.

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