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I would like very much to thank the following people for their kind and generous help:

Elaine Morgan, for the inspiration years ago, and the kind donation of her newest book - Thanks Elaine!
Marc Verhaegen for pointing me in some useful directions, and providing further inspiration!
Proffessor Phillip V. Tobias for allowing me to use his article in Outthere, and for taking the time to help.
Andrew Dalby for helping me to scan my drawings and collected photos, andgetting back to me so quickly when I had my myriad of "html" problems.
Pierre Desjardins for also scanning for my cause, and offering good feedback to my ideas.
Dr. Tim Patterson for going over my project with me and offering constructive criticism.

I would also like to thank those individuals and organizations that kindly allowed me to use their pictures:

Elaine Morgan, for allowing me to use the photos and illustrations from her books.
Kim MacQueen, of the Bonobo Protection Fund, for the cute pic of the baby bonobo standing on his mum's back.
My prof! Dr. Tim Patterson, for the great "embryo" picture, and the beautiful illustration of a native woman with her child.
Andrew Lewis, for the great picture of the young boy holding the giant water lily. The boy is of the San (bushmen) of South Africa.
Nadine Moore, for countless things, and her picture too!

The following is a list of interesting sites on human evolution:

  • Talk Origins - A site by dedicated to discussion of human evolution vs. creationism. Has an excellent (non-biased) FAQ section on most all prominent hominid fossils, and an up to date outline of human evolution.
    Find it at:
  • Institute of Human Origins - Another excellent site for evolution links!
    Find it at:
  • Aquatic Ape Theory, a paleo-ring site owned by Marcel Williams provides links to research papers, and other AAT sites
    Find it at:

Here are some other interesting links, worth a look at:

References for Text

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Special thanks goes to my son, James who was very patient as I was learning html for this project!

Drawings and illustrations contained in this site were done by me, Catherine Friedl 2000.
Those of the skulls are compilation sketches based on various photos and illustrations.
Those of the pelvis, femur and feet are my sketches based on an illustration from: "Humankind Emerging" by Bernard Campbell.
The dolphin and woman swimming was just a fun idea!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at:

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