§ It is important to note that succinite is also defined as Baltic Amber, (ie amber deposited and recovered near the Baltic sea.

Chemical Composition and Physical Structure of Succinite

§ Succinite has a hardness of 2.0-2.5, (on the Moh's Scale) and a density of 1.050-1.096gcm-3.

§ The melting point of succinite is 287-300ºC.

§ The elemental composition of succinite is 81.01% C, 11.41% H, 7.33% O, and 0.25% S. The amount of Succinic acid in amber is 3-8%.

§ An analysis of modern day resins from Poland reveal a composition of: 21% terpenes together with derivatives, (volatile matter); 70% resinous acids, 4% resens; 5% water and solid impurities. The water content may rise to as much as 10% during the spring. (Grochowski, 1976).

§ A comparison of modern day resins with Baltic amber reveals that the difference between the two is that the individual components are present in different rations. (Kosmowska-Ceranowicz, 1984)