According to some scientists in Mexico this piece of Mexican Amber is real, and so is the head of the small canine inside... It is a piece of 25 million year old Amber from the Los Pedros Amber mine in Mexico. Inside is the head of a small canine, resembling an ancestral relative of the present day Chihuahua. Gas pyrolysis and Infrared spectroscopic analysis claim to confirm its authenticity, and the extracted DNA claims to also prove its authenticity. However, I failed to find any reference anywhere in a scientific article or description that proves or disproves its authenticity. Therefore since this is such an unbelievable find, i.e. how can just the head of a mammal that should have the strength to escape a resin flow, (even though it is in a 80 kg piece of Amber, therefore it must have been a huge resin flow) I must take as a fake Another one of the reasons that I am skeptical is that the Amber industry with respect to the sale of Amber as jewelry, and pieces with inclusions for collections has allot of corrupt dealers that try and peddle fake amber that can be synthetic plastic or reworked (melted and then solidified) amber that can have inclusions put in by the dealer.