There are many different types of inclusions found in Amber and Copal; but mostly when there are inclusions they are different insect families, and different varieties of flora that occurred near the resin producing tree, or are actual parts of the resin producing tree.

Baltic Amber
On the left is a close-up photograph of a piece of Baltic Amber containing a non-biting midge, the white ring is due to the reflecting light, (from my personal collection). The photograph on the right is a close-up of the same piece of amber, and this is a tiny arachnid above the midge that is much larger in comparison.

When fauna are found in amber it is often difficult to tell whether or not the fauna are actually in the position that they were in when they were entombed in the amber, but since the resin usually needs to flow over its victim before totally entombing it, the organism ends up rolling along with the resin and therefore is not usually in its so called "original death" position.