The Central and South Reef Biotope

Occurs along the southwestern and southern edge of the reef tract and on the patch reefs of the central lagoon. The dominant coral are small heads of Diploria, Isophyllia, Siderastrea and Porites. The hydrozoan Millepora grows in large erect branching colonies indictive of the lower energy environment. Homotrema is less abundant and less important in this biotope.

The central and southern reefs contain sediments with both reef and lagoonal elements. The dominant material in the sediments of the outer reef tract on the southern ledge of the platform are reef dwelling organisms such as coral and Homotrema. the remainer of the southern reef tract in the central lagoon and flats has sediment derived from mixed reef and lagoonal materials. Central reef sediment is composed of the same skeletal elements as the other reefs, except that Homotrema is rare or absent.