Chlorphyta - Green Algae


Marine species are an important and diverse component of most shallow (to 200 m) bottoms. The intertidal and intermediate subtidal zones harbour the most luxuriant growth as well as the greatest number of species. Many species are found adjacent in the same habitat. whereas others from distinct bands according to depth, or grow on each other (epiphytic) or on the shells or exoskeletons of marinbe animals (epizoic). Endolithic species are embedded in the surface of rocks, or form bands in the periphery of coral skeletons.


Little is known regarding the periodicity or seasonality of most algae in Bermuda; it is quite clear, however, that local and seasonal variations exist. A major factor determining the presence and condition of algae in Bermuda is the grazing by various herbivorous feeders, particularly sea urchins and fishes. Distinct cropping of algal stands is evident several times during the year.


Both sexual and asexual reproduction are common.