Sea grasses

Species with only root systems submerged.

Avicennia germinans (=A. Nitida)

Black Mangrove. Leaves are opposite from each other and are leathery. There are no aerial roots arising from trunk or branches. The diagnostic feature of this species is the occurrence of erect, pencil shaped aerial roots arising from submerged roots and projecting above water surface.

Rhizophora mangle:

Red Mangrove. Leaves are leathery. Numerous aerial roots extending down into the water from trunk and branches. This species is fruit germinating while still attached to parent plant. This plant is found along shore lines in quiet waters with soft bottoms.

Salicornia perennis:

Perennial Saltwort, or Glasswort. This species is a low, herbaceous plant, under 50 cm high. Branches are cylindrical, thick, and segmented. Leaves are reduced to scales, and are closely appressed to succulent stems. Occurs in low intertidal zone, and are common in the same quiet, inland habitats occupied by mangroves.