Pleistocene Sea Levels

The Bermuda sea level record
For Bermuda, long term stability of the land is assumed. This is unlike many areas of the world where corrections are required to compensate for vertical movement of the land.

Two previous high sea level events at Bermuda - of the several which have been recognized - have been dated by the radiometric method. These sea levels stood at approximately +2 meters (above present sea level) at about 200000 years b.p. and at approximately +5 meters at about 120000 years b.p.; respectively corresponding to stages 7 and 5e on the oxygen isotope curve. The marine deposits which were the source of these dates belong, respectively, to the Belmont and Rocky Bay (Devonshire marine) Formations.

A partial source of controversy over the sea level record at Bermuda, is scattered evidence of +8 meter and higher sea levels which remain updated and largely undocumented. If proven to be marine, some of these occurrences are likely to indicate that previous sea level elevations, quoted for Bermuda, were transitory rather than maximum levels.